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Trinity Marijuana




Trinity is a rare, almost mythical Sativa strain rumored to have originated in Northern California. Buy Trinity Marijuana Online. There are some rumblings that Purple Kush features in its lineage. Regardless of its background, marijuana enthusiasts covet this strain’s sweet berry flavors and potent head high.

Lab Tested Results:

THC: 20%

CBD: 1%


Cannabis consumers who are lucky enough to get their hands on this strain are in for a treat. With THC levels reaching around 21%, it’s a very potent experience for newbies and seasoned marijuana fans alike. The high is euphoric and uplifting, with consumers noting a boost in energy and creativity. Stress and negativity melt away and, later on in the buzz, deep relaxation occurs. Due to the high THC levels, marijuana newcomers will want to exercise caution with this strain, however, especially in larger quantities.


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